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Article Date: 24th January 2019

Waterloo Brings a Mill Finish Alternative

Mill Finish - Air Terminal Devices - Air Distribution Devices

Waterloo - Mill Finish Alternative

“For some projects architects like to pare back to raw components as it shows the integrity of the building,” says Mat Southgate, Technical Quality Manager at Waterloo.

“Revealed concrete and exposed ceilings all play their part, and with air terminal devices, it’s a mill finish that offers this same authenticity.

“Waterloo’s new mill finish alternative gives a look similar to mill finish but there are a few big differences. There are no scratches, scorch or spinning marks – the finish is consistent and removes the likelihood of corrosion or tarnishing.

“What we realised was that although the idea of a mill finish was in the brief, when customers saw it, they didn’t like the visible imperfections. To counter this we now offer a mill finish alternative which is a clever polyester/epoxy hybrid paint in an aluminium colour.

“It looks great and offers the same level of protection customers expect on standard painted products, whilst maintaining the raw mill finish look. It’s created to be the best in design and function and suitable for any of our products.”

As well as the mill finish alternative, Waterloo has a range of air distribution products suitable for architects to specify in buildings where a minimalist finish is chosen.

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