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Article Date: 31st January 2019

Uponor - The Facts Around Underfloor Heating

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Uponor - The Facts Around Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating: prevent leaks
All Uponor underfloor heating pipework systems come equipped with a 25 year guarantee, as we are extremely confident you will not experience any issues with regards to leaks. Before the pipe is distributed, rigorous testing takes place at our state of the art manufacturing facility to ensure it meets the highest standards.

As a bit of advice, we do recommend that all plumbing joints at the manifold and flow and return should be checked regularly for any signs of leakage by an approved engineer. It is also advisable to run your system for 2-3 minutes each week during the summer period to minimise potential issues in the winter.

Underfloor heating for renovation projects
Whilst it is certainly easier to install underfloor heating in a new build, there are a variety of options we offer for renovation projects. One such option is the Minitec system, which contains an installation height of only 15mm (lowest installation height on the market). What this essentially means is that the upheaval of installing an underfloor heating system is significantly reduced, as door frames and permanent fixtures may not need to be moved.

If you are looking to install a retrofit underfloor heating solution, we would certainly advise that you start with the ground floor as more heat is required here than the first floor which often benefits from a timber suspended floor (excellent insulation properties).

Underfloor heating controls
Controlling an underfloor heating system couldn’t be easier with the, which can be downloaded on all android and apple phones. Once this piece of software is installed, step by step instructions are provided to guide a user through the synchronisation process. From this point onwards, underfloor heating can be controlled remotely at the touch of a button and there is also a feature to monitor system performance.

Recently, we have also created a new customer guide to assist users with setting up and changing a Smatrix Base underfloor heating unit at home. From setting the time to controlling the temperature in multiple rooms, the guide provides simple "how to" instructions with the aid of diagrams and icons.

Uponor - The Facts Around Underfloor Heating The affordability of underfloor heating
Whilst there will inevitably be an initial set up fee for installing an underfloor heating system, energy savings can be realised in the long term. As previously stated in other blogs, a user can expect to see a 20% reduction in their energy costs in comparison to an unbalanced system.

As a recent example, we assisted Hafod Renewables by supplying a Minitec and Smatrix underfloor heating system at a family home in Denbighshire . Over the course of the year, the system helped to save the family up to £900 on their heating bills!

Carpet flooring and underfloor heating
Although the insulation properties of carpet is often thought to impact the effectiveness of underfloor heating, recent research has proved to the contrary. The Carpet Foundation found that various carpet/underlay combinations did not interfere with the efficient warming of the airspace in a room. The test involved carpets which ranged from 2.6-3.4 togs. So there you go, carpet can be used with underfloor heating!

As a rule of thumb though, we do recommend using an underlay and carpet with a maximum of 2.5 togs.

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