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Article Date: 10th February 2020

LG Air Con - Perfect for a Garden Office

LG Garden Office Image

When Steve Martin, a Public Relations consultant working on his own and renting a serviced office in a nearby town, decided that he wanted to work from home, he built a purpose-designed small office in his garden – so he still had to go to work in the morning – but on the shortest commute he had ever faced!

The 14 feet by 10 feet office was perfect for his needs with electric and internet cabled underground to the new office, but it needed heating and cooling to make it useable 365 days a year. It was far better than a shed, with insulation, double glazing and a proper pitched roof, but it could still be very cold in winter or very warm in the summer, and it needed a simple and cost-effective solution to finish it off.

The answer was the installation of a small 3.5kW wall mounted split room air conditioner from LG, supplied by LG distributor Bublshop in Dorset and installed by YoungAir Air Conditioning based locally in Worcestershire. The new system provides up to 3.5kW of air conditioning when required and up to 1.3kW of heating in the cooler months, utilising the latest low GWP R32 refrigerant. The system comes with LG’s latest inverter compressor with a 10-year warranty and offers a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) of 6.6.

“The set up selected is ideal for what has been a reasonably substantial investment, but it’s vital that its useable each and every day – whatever the weather – just like any normal office accommodation,” says Steve Martin. “I’m really happy with my new ‘home’ – it’s something I’ve always wanted but never had the courage to go for! But now it’s here it’s the best thing I’ve done work wise! It’s extremely energy efficient and using R32, it’s as ‘green’ as it can be.”

LG offers systems that are ideal for any sized garden office or extension or conservatory for people considering moving their work home but needing additional space to do so.

Wayne Young from installer YoungAir – which was the first ever company in the UK to install an R32 system – says this latest installation was very straightforward: “I can see the attraction of these small systems to provide cooling and heating for small buildings and extensions,” he says. “It was extremely simple to install and there are a number of clever features that make it even simpler – including the longer tails on the pipes and the inclusion of the filters on the top of the unit. The indoor unit is a very neat build and I’m impressed with the ten-year warranty on the latest inverter compressor. It’s very quiet in operation too – with a very quiet fan. Overall – I’m very impressed with it.”

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