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Article Date: 3rd February 2020

Carlo Gavazzi - Weather Station Provides Information & Control to a Building’s HVAC System

Carlo Gavazzi Weather Station Image

Carlo Gavazzi’s weather station can seamlessly be integrated into a buildings BMS to provide information on external environmental conditions providing reliable measurements to control a buildings HVAC system.

Buildings can be controlled according to environmental conditions such as temperature (for heating, cooling and ventilation systems), daylighting (for lighting and shading systems), humidity (for ventilation systems and air conditioning systems), and even carbon dioxide levels (for ventilation systems). Integrating a weather station into your controls can optimise a buildings performance as well as reduce energy consumption and costs.

This allows HVAC optimisation to manage temperatures and other automated building facilities, such as blinds.

It also benefits employee and customer well-being, as well as productivity.

• Brightness measurement with three separate sensors for east, south and west. Recognition of twilight/ dawn with special filters

• Wind measurement: the wind strength measurement takes place electronically and thus noiselessly and reliably, even during hail, snow and sub-zero temperatures. Even turbulent air and anabatic winds in the vicinity of the weather station are recorded

• Temperature measurement

• Heated precipitation sensor (1.2 watts): no false reports as a result of fog or dew. Dries quickly after precipitation has stopped

• Integrated GPS receiver. Position (degree of longitude and latitude) and position of the sun (azimuth, elevation)

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