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Article Date: 22nd February 2019

Xylem Water Solutions - What Separates a Good Wastewater Design from a Great One?

Wastewater Pumping Station - Sewage and Wastewater - Pump Station

Xylem Flygt Concertor

Simon Barrett, Area Manager at Xylem advises on six things an engineer and systems designer for commercial buildings must consider for trouble-free operation in a wastewater pumping station.

1. No clogging, No wasted energy. Just trouble-free pumping
Sewage and wastewater handling are some of the most complicated applications in a building because the products must be able to handle solids, fibres, and stringy material. So much has changed in terms of wastewater pumping design over the past 60 years and managing energy costs has never been more important as they continue to rise across the globe. While the more efficient solutions on the market may come with a slightly bigger investment up front, it is worth familiarising with the potential savings they can achieve. For example, Xylem’s Flygt Concertor features built-in intelligence capable of sensing the operating conditions of its environment and adapts its performance to provide feedback to pumping station operators. A Flygt Concertor pump can save up to 70% on your energy bill compared to conventional pumping systems. In addition, you can also save up to 80% on vacuum cleaning costs by having a clog-free operation with clean wet wells, as well as reducing the traditional cabinet by 50%.

2. A system design that works together
Paying attention to the overall system design pays off. Having the optimal station design, the proper float switch and lifting station is key to success. Designing a station is complex. It is important to consider every critical aspect. Ideally, the design of a pump station aims to achieve the smallest possible footprint with the lowest possible cost, eliminating sedimentation and build-up of debris, and having the necessary operating conditions to handle variable inflow for optimal pumping. In addition to this, go for a design easy to install, repair and maintain. Don’t forget the lifting station. Preferably the lifting station simplifies hoisting submersible pumps and gives quick pump installation in one hoisting action.

Proper level regulation is critical for operational reliability. Lack of proper regulation can cause improper operation, pump damage or, in the worst case, overflow resulting in environmental and economic consequences.

3. Intelligent control for reliable pumping
Driving out to a pump station to manually reset a fault, unblock an impeller or deal with sedimentation is both time-consuming and costly. It can also be a messy job that nobody particularly looks forward to. That is why having reliable monitoring and control equipment is so important. There’s a jungle of products out there from many different suppliers. But how do you know what the best option is for your particular station? The answer to this naturally depends on the complexity of your installation, the importance of keeping it running at all times as well as your budget. For large commercial buildings, hosting many occupants, or for example hospitals or airports it is of paramount importance to have a trouble-free operation that keeps on running at all times: The system needs to offer reliability and efficiency, whilst being low maintenance and clog-free. To achieve this, you need an intelligent variable speed drive that is speedy, simple and cost-effective to install. With functionalities developed and optimized to achieve energy savings with maximum cleaning ability. Choose a drive that delivers this and where all parameters are pre-programmed, and all you have to do is press auto for start-up.

If you want to go even further check what a pump with integrated intelligence can do for you. The world’s one and only pump range with built-in intelligence is the Flygt Concertor. The cost-effective control system automatically adapts to the changing environment, delivering the optimal level of performance at a low cost of ownership. The built-in intelligence also makes it easier to set up and operate as well as allowing for a significantly smaller footprint. The whole idea is to give greater peace of mind while reducing your total cost.

4. Taking trouble-free pumping to a whole new level
Imagine having clean wet wells, clog-free pumping and a reduction in vacuum cleaning call-outs up to 80%. This is all possible with Flygt Concertor pumps. This range is designed to handle sludge, sand, grease and other debris that can be unpleasant and costly. The built-in clog detection function detects when the pump is about to clog and triggers the pump cleaning cycle. A pump cleaning cycle is initiated when a clogging instance is detected and the built-in intelligence will then operate the impeller at different speeds and directions to remove the debris. The sump cleaning function removes floating debris and sediments, eliminating the need for expensive wet well cleaning. The pipe cleaning function assures that pipe sediment is removed, minimizing the risk of pipe clogging.

5. The benefits of choosing the right hydraulics
The world’s best hydraulics is the Flygt N-impeller. The proof lies in the millions of successful installations worldwide. The N-technology revolutionised wastewater pumping with its sustained high efficiency and self-cleaning operation, that enables a lower total cost of ownership. In the quest for further improvement, and reliability the Adaptive N-hydraulics was invented. The Adaptive N-impeller is designed to move axially upwards when needed, allowing the bulkiest of rags and toughest of debris to pass through smoothly. After the debris has passed, the hydraulic pressure returns the impeller to its original position.

Ultimately clog-free performance requires almost none, or at the very most, simple maintenance and servicing. Whatever your application you will find that the N-pump takes on the toughest challenges and get the job done. Robust, reliable and self-cleaning they cut your energy bills and virtually eliminate unplanned maintenance. All in all, the Adaptive N-hydraulics is your assurance of highly economical and reliable pumps for peace of mind.

6. The secret to success – Maintaining a sustained high efficiency
The secret to success is maintaining sustained high efficiency. To achieve this you must consider all aspects listed above. Invest in a high-quality pump that doesn’t break easily along with accessories that work better together. A variable speed drive or built-in intelligence is paramount for trouble-free operation. For convenience and saving money on unnecessary callouts, a clean wet well and a pump equipped with integrated cleaning functionalities are essential. Furthermore, by investing in the world’s best hydraulic the Adaptive N, you achieve a stable, reliable operation while enjoying peace of mind. Remember that the initial investment is only around 10% of the total cost, while energy consumption accounts for 34%, with maintenance and other operational costs adding up to a significant 56%. In other words, the initial investment is just the tip of the iceberg. So to round up, what you invest in products and accessories of great quality with a higher initial cost, you will get back in reliable operation, energy savings and peace of mind. It is money well invested.

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