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Article Date: 27th February 2019

Wieland’s Metalynx² for Underfloor Connection

Modular Wiring System - Structured Wiring System - Armoured Conduit

Wieland’s Metalynx2 for Underfloor Connection

The popular Wieland Metalynx² modular wiring system has now been extended to include an underfloor system to provide an even smarter and more flexible approach to cabling.

Cabling plays an important role in the terms of impact on construction schedules and deadlines and the use of a structured wiring system with ‘plug and play’ connectivity, supplied complete to site for easy connection, has been shown to generate a significant reduction (50%) in installation time against traditional methods and more flexibility with regards to configuration.

The Metalynx² 32A underfloor solution comes in 6mm² CSA with armoured conduit and using round connectors, the system has been created so it’s easy to maintain and gives zero wastage on site during installation. It also uses a coloured key coded system which virtually eliminates the possibility of errors as a contractor cannot plug the wrong part of any given system. Deliveries can be scheduled and delivered by zone or floor making it easier to arrange the workflow and labour needed for the fast moving construction sites.

The German design and build quality of the Metalynx² system meets all the European IEC and British standards. The system is factory manufactured and tested to the highest standards reducing risk and not only giving piece of mind, but also meeting the strict requirements of most building specifications.

Metalynx² now offers a complete underfloor package using 32A underfloor Master Distribution Boxes and power extenders and is perfect for use with uninterrupted power supplies for important systems and desk modules. This system is perfect for computer rooms, call centres or general open plan office space where quick installation of power, voice and data to each workstation point are required.

Wieland now work alongside all the major desking companies to provide a complete pluggable solution that includes ceiling and underfloor connection using the Metalynx² and GST ranges.

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