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Article Date: 9th February 2018

WLS - Traffic Barrier Repair by Gate Safe Approved Installer

Traffic Barrier Repair - Automatic Gate Repair - Traffic Barrier

West London Security - Traffic Barrier

Automatic gate and traffic barrier repairs make up a large part of our gate engineers’ day to day work. The problems they encounter usually involve a gate or barrier not opening or closing properly, or simply making a noise as it operates. Often these problems arise from gates or barriers not being looked after properly prior to our involvement, not being serviced regularly, or having been struck by a vehicle. Sometimes, the problems we encounter can be quite dramatic!

Traffic barrier with a broken arm
Such was the case when we were contacted by Debbie, regarding a faulty BFT traffic barrier in a car park in Heston, Middlesex. When Debbie sent us photos of the barrier we were surprised to see that the entire arm of the traffic barrier had been completely broken off. It was now lying on the ground next to the main unit, rendering it entirely useless. For now, its days of preventing unauthorised vehicles from using the car park were well and truly over. Could our gates and barriers repairs team bring it back from death’s door?

Debbie explained that the arm of the traffic barrier had been struck by a reversing dustbin lorry with such force it had broken off. The company that originally installed the barrier were no longer trading. We sent gates and barriers engineer Renato out to assess the damage and see if the unit could be salvaged or whether an entirely new unit would need to be installed. WLS always tries to repair rather than replace. Our engineers’ vans are well-stocked with a wide range of spare parts so that, if possible, we can fix the problem right away, without the need for a return visit.

Free quote for repair
When Renato arrived at the site he ran a full diagnostic check of the unit to get an idea of what sort of damage had been caused to the unit itself. Luckily for Debbie, Renato established that with a little care and attention, the arm of the traffic barrier could be replaced and the traffic barrier restored to full working order. The survey was carried out and a free quotation to undertake the repair work was provided. Debbie accepted the quote, which was to be sent to the company responsible for the dustbin lorry.

Once the quote to carry out the traffic barrier repair was signed off, Renato returned to carry out the work. He completed the job in just two hours, restoring the barrier to full working order. He also carried out all the necessary safety tests to ensure it was as safe as possible and adhered to the highest current safety standards. Debbie was extremely pleased with the service they received and were impressed with the speed and professionalism with which the work was completed.

Need a traffic barrier repaired?
WLS carries out gate and traffic barrier repairs all over London and the surrounding areas. We are Gate Safe approved and adhere to the highest standards of both quality safety. Contact us today by using the email option below:

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