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Article Date: 22nd February 2018

Schneider Electric Saves Space & Time with New NSXm Circuit Breaker

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Schneider NSXm circuit breaker

Schneider Electric, the global leader in energy management and automation, has launched the latest addition to its NSX family of industrial circuit breakers. The Compact NSXm moulded case circuit breaker is the smallest of its range and offers new features for fast, simple and flexible installation. By choosing the NSXm, installers can save up to 40 per cent of installation time.

Schneider Electric’s NSX range is designed to protect electrical assets in demanding industrial environments. The NSXm expands this offering with a solution for commercial and light industrial applications. At 81 x 137 x 80 mm, it is ideal for installation in the smaller switchboards, panels used by original equipment manufacturers, and in industrial and commercial buildings.

The NSX’s small size is especially useful in boards with limited space or which require multiple circuit breakers to be fitted.

The NSXm also introduces new installation and safety features for the range that reduce installation time and boost value for customers. The circuit breaker features a built-in DIN rail which can be easily attached to the distribution board with a simple clip. Most market solutions require an additional, special plate to attach to the switchboard, making the NSXm an attractive, cheaper and faster alternative.

Schneider Electric’s Everlink terminals replace the standard lug connectors found on the majority of circuit breakers. When connecting the NSXm to the switchboard, the Everlink terminals will reduce the number of installation steps needed while providing the same secure connection.

The Everlink terminals also feature Schneider Electric’s patented creep compensation technology. Creep describes the gradual crushing and degrading of copper conductors over time. Everlink reduces this effect with an inbuilt spring that maintains contact pressure, making possible accurate and durable tightening that holds the terminal in place. Not only does this provide more space in the switchboard, it guarantees a reliable and safe connection.

Schneider NSXm circuit breakerAn earth-leakage circuit breaker (ECLB) variant of the NSXm is also available. The ECLB NSXm senses leakage currents, and can interrupt the circuit if the current is over threshold. This solution is ideal for businesses that want to provide the highest level of electrical safety, or for industries who are required to provide earth leakage protection by law.

Alessandro de Danieli of Schneider Electric said, “We are very excited to extend our NSX family of solutions to a whole new range of businesses. We’re confident that the NSXm will please both installers and end-users, with super-fast installation and the safety features that typify the reliability and quality of the range.”

The NSXm is available globally and can be purchased from Schneider Electric directly or via its network of wholesaler partners.

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