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Featured Video - Danfoss Heating - 9th April 2019

Full Demonstration of World-Best Radiator Valve

Danfoss Dynamic Valve – full demonstration of world-best radiator valve

Danfoss Dynamic Valve™ is an innovative radiator valve with a 2-in-1 valve design. It combines a thermostatic radiator valve and a differential pressure controller for accurate temperature control and automatic hydronic balancing in a single product.

The built-in differential pressure controller eliminates pressure fluctuations in a two-pipe heating system. By using Dynamic Valve™ a perfectly controlled and automatic hydronic balanced heating system is simply established.

For designers
Dynamic Valve™ is good news for everybody involved in designing or specifying of two-pipe heating systems. It has all the advantages of automatic hydronic balancing combined with optimal temperature control.

For installers
By installing the valves you also install automatic balancing at the same time. To commission the system correctly the valves just have to be set to correct maximum flow at each radiator.

For building owners
Dynamic Valve™ is a product typical to use in residential buildings. Many owners, occupants and other users will recognise typical heating problems like noise, uneven heating and high energy bills. The indoor comfort will be greatly increased when Dynamic Valve™ is used.

Features and benefits

  • A 2-in-1 valve design for temperature control and automatic balancing
  • Built-in differential pressure controller
  • Maximum differential pressure 60 kPa
  • Limitation of maximum flow between 10 – 135 litres per hour
  • Available in DN 10/15/20
  • Available in Straight, Angle, Angle UK, Angle left and Angle right models
  • Available in NF (Norm France) and DIN (Deutsche Industrial Norms) standards
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