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Ty-Rap Cable Ties: 60 Years of Helping Big Ideas Come Together

Ty-Rap Cable Ties: 60 years of helping big ideas come together

Ty-Rap’s ability to hold things together, to hold tightly when others would have failed, is what makes them special. But the trust that people have held for 60 years is just as special. We are reasonably sure, given the evidence at hand, that Thomas & Betts, a member of the ABB Group, have produced its 28 billionth Ty-Rap® cable, a product that has quietly become an essential part of the modern world. Tied together, 28 billion Ty-Rap cable ties could reach from the Earth to the Moon 22 times and clinch around both equators, each time. Or girdle the sun seven times.

That’s a lot of cable ties, but here on Earth, sales numbers are not the key to Ty-Rap cable ties’ longevity. In fact, others have probably sold more ties since Thomas & Betts engineer Maurus C. Logan patented the Ty-Rap cable tie, the original cable tie, in 1958. For us, quality, not quantity, is the key, as it was in the beginning. Logan observed in 1956 that workers in a Boeing aircraft plant had to laboriously knot thousands of feet of electric cables together with waxed nylon cord, tearing their fingers in the process. He knew there had to be a better way, so he entered the lab and emerged two years later with his invention: the Ty-Rap cable tie, the world’s first self-clinching cable tie.

Today, Ty-Rap cable ties come in heat-resistant varieties, along with product lines that are resistant to UV rays, harsh chemicals and extreme heat and cold. A version has been designed to withstand the sizzling radiation and the vacuum of space. Another has been infused with special materials to make it easily detectable if it falls into food processing lines. And a variety of related Ty-Fast® cable ties have been designed to kill microbes on their surface.

“One simple fact has held true since the beginning - when performance really matters, Ty-Rap cable ties are there to do the job.”

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