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Article Date: 2nd December 2019

Belimo - Innovative Control of Chilled & Heating Ceiling

Belimo 6-way Valves Image

Recognising needs and finding unconventional solutions - that is what makes Belimo extraordinary. Conventional solutions for combined heating / cooling elements in a four-pipe system are known to be error-prone, expensive to install and take up a lot of space. Belimo introduced an innovative solution for this application in 2008.

Now only one valve and one actuator are required instead of four - this makes electrical connection easier, simplifies control and reduces the number of data points required. As a result, installation work and potential sources of errors are reduced to a minimum.

A good product becomes even better - the latest generation of 6-way zone valves is now 33% more compact. The space-saving design of the actuator and valve also enables tool-free assembly of the actuator.

The 6-way zone valve from Belimo has proven itself thousands of times in daily practice since its introduction. It is affordably priced, space-saving as well as quick and easy to install. The reduced number of components drastically reduces the possibility of installation errors. This durable, air-bubble tight closing valve reliably prevents energy losses during operation.

Thanks to the built-in control ball valve technology, malfunctions due to dirty, stuck valves are a thing of the past. All these advantages reduce total operating costs. It is no wonder that competitors imitate our products. However, Belimo continues to enhance its 6-way technology. As a result, you benefit from the advanced knowledge of the pioneer.

As a pioneer for the simplified control of 4-pipe systems, Belimo has the widest range of technical knowhow at its disposal to support your selection and utilisation of the 6-way zone valves in projects and to make your work easier. Maximum comfort, maximum energy efficiency and long-term economic efficiency are always ensured.

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