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Article Date: 2nd December 2019

AXON - Building Automation Implementation & What to Consider

AXON Building Automation Implementation Image

The next stage of building automation is on the horizon, with big plans in place for progressing the evolution of the built environment. As a result, effective building automation will require future-proofing and forward planning. Occupants, Building Managers and HVAC contractors alike will need to review the ways they interact with their buildings if they’re going to adapt to the transformation of new building technologies.

Learn Building Automation Lingo

The current environment in which buildings are being created is highly innovative and forward-thinking. Consequently, the built environment is becoming smarter and constantly evolving through technologies such as 5G, AI and machine learning. And the ‘language’ that these devices use to connect and communicate with each other is evolving too.

5G offers next-generation hi-speed for devices connected to its network. This benefits the built environment, as it will vastly improve the response rate from networked-based technologies. Also, occupants’ expectation over the ability to control their environments are becoming more sophisticated. Occupants are seeking to interact with their commercial buildings via their mobile devices, in the same way, that tenants are beginning to interact remotely with their homes. These trends include voice-activated search assistants or remotely controlling heating from a phone.

Understand Building Automation Technology

Advanced Building Automation uses two types of intelligence; Automated and Artificial. There are major differences between the two; Automated is creating hard or software which is pre-programmed to do things automatically and follow set rules. Whereby artificial is creating intelligent machines that mimic human thinking and will eventually supersede human intelligence.

Furthermore, technology that possesses the ability to capture data is another emerging trend in the smart building sector. One of the objectives being to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. As renewable energy sources are introduced into buildings, the need for providing occupancy comfort is also increasing. Therefore, capturing data is crucial for continuous adaptation and evolution.

Building Automation HVAC Maintenance Contracts May Diminish

It is more crucial than ever for HVAC companies to prepare for the demise of maintenance contracts as advanced technologies take over. Building automation software, IoT and AI work together to provide insights, diagnostics and performance driven data to reduce the requirement of scheduled replacements and repairs.

Embrace New Building Automation Technology

There are many reasons why the adoption of new technologies is not often well-received. Cost implementation, lack of knowledge, or confidence that it can reliably deliver. However, engineers, architects and building managers should stay current with evolving technologies as they will have a significant impact on the future of the building industry. As customers’ demands become more sophisticated, they may also be required to advise and inform on emerging technologies.

Future Proof for Sustainable Building Automation

High-performance building contractors must be prepared to adapt to change in their industry in the coming years. Basic and time-consuming tasks will be managed through the power of AI. As a result, this could free up a contractor’s time to shift their focus to issues that may impact on their future. This could include reviewing data and predicting issues before they arise, in order to provide an advanced diagnostic service to their clients.

AXON communicates with a diverse range of manufacturers equipment. Data is acquired from multiple sources for energy, metering, lighting, environment and occupancy, providing estate performance analytics at all levels. The big data and analytics that are acquired result in actionable insights. Helping you to continually manage the operation of your estate effectively. AXON along with our sister company, Next Controls, can help you to forward plan and future proof your BAS.

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