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Article Date: 19th August 2019

TheisCraft - T-BAR LED Innovative Lighting for Data Centres

T-BAR LED - Data Centre Lighting - Suspended Ceiling Grid

TheisCraft - T-BAR LED

T-BAR LED is a patented lighting system which can be integrated into a new or existing suspended ceiling grid and has been used in Data Centres in the US and more recently the UK.

Data Centres generate a lot of heat and the environment needs to be controlled. T-BAR LED helps maintain that efficiency with low voltage DC power without generating extra heat.

Gilberts - Swirl Diffuser
  • T-BAR replaces cross members in the suspended ceiling grid to create modern design effects.

  • Use T-BAR lighting to define specific areas within the floor space.

  • T-BAR works within the operating temperature of the Data Centre

  • T-Bar provides improved acoustics as less sound is lost through the ceiling.

  • T-BAR can be operated stand alone or linked to a 0-10V or DALi lighting control system

  • T-BAR’s ‘plug and play’ format makes it very cost effective to install with up to 50% reduction in on site installation labour costs.

TheisCraft is UK distributor to the T-BAR LED range. To find out more please use the email option below or visit https://www.theiscraft.co.uk/partner/t-bar-led/

A concept so clear and simple it’s stunning!

Jon Theis, director with TheisCraft, commented “We are delighted to be able to supply the T-BAR LED to the UK market. Having seen it installed the effects created can be really stunning.”

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