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Article Date: 23rd August 2018

Purus Mini Series Floor Gullies for Tiled & Vinyl Floors - Brand New Grate Designs Available

Floor Gullies - Level-Access Showers - Stainless Steel Grates

Purus - Mini Series floor gullies

Purus, the Swedish manufacturer of floor gullies and drainage solutions for wetrooms and level-access shower areas, have recently launched a brand new set of stainless steel grates for their popular Mini Series floor gullies. The new grates are available in dimensions of 155x155mm (PK155) and 200x200mm (PK200) and are Purus’ stainless steel grate solution when installing their Mini Series floor gullies into tiled floor finishes. The PK155 and PK200 grates are installed above the gullies as floating grates, set into the floor flush with the tiles of your choice. All PK155 and PK200 grates, which have dimensions of 155x155mm and 200x200mm respectively, are 6mm in depth and have a brushed stainless steel finish.

The newly launched grates are in Purus’ Chess, Rib and Pearl designs, and are now available to order alongside their existing grates in Wave, Drop, Classic and Art Deco.

All Mini Series floor gullies, including the Minimax 50, can be installed in both tiled and vinyl floor finishes. For vinyl floors, there are three different designs of 130mm diameter round stainless steel grates available: Art Deco, Drop and Wave. The Wave grate is Purus’ lockable solution which can be secured into the gully’s clamping ring system with a set of locking nuts, which are purchased separately. All tile and vinyl grates are compatible with the complete range of Mini Series floor gullies: the Minimax 50, Minimax Two Part, Mini Brage 50 and Mini Brage 110.

All of the details of Purus’ new stainless steel grates, alongside their Mini Series floor gullies, are available on Purus’ website. You also may contact Purus’ Technical and Sales Teams by using the email option below:

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