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Article Date: 15th April 2019

SPC - Heat Pipes CPD - CIBSE

Heat Pipes - CPD Continuing Professional - Development Heat Pipe

SPC - Heat Pipes CPD

SPC offers a range of continuing professional development (CPD) courses and presentations. Committed to training and broadening the knowledge of engineers through these courses, we have been registered as a CPD provider since 1997 and have also been accredited by CIBSE.

The latest developments in heat pipe technology mean that you can save energy and the environment.

This CIBSE accredited course explores:

  • Introduction
  • What is a heat pipe?
  • How heat pipes are used for energy recovery
  • Heat pipes vs alternative systems
  • Data centre applications
  • Heat pipes for enhanced dehumidification
  • Working fluids for heat pipes
  • Conclusion
  • Questions and discussion.

Duration: 1 hour

For further information or to book a CPD please click here.

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