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Wieland Provides the Electrical Connection for HMP Five Wells
Wieland Electric has supplied a variety of products from the company’s gesis RST® and GST® ranges, along with low voltage lighting control and cabling in all cells and risers, for HMP Five Wells which is currently under construction in Wellingborough, Northants. The new Category C resettlement prison is set to open in early 2022 and is built on the site of the previously demolished Wellingborough Prison, which closed...Read More
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Marshall-Tufflex - Specifying Sustainability in the Construction Industry
Sustainable specification is not a new concept. We are all familiar with the practice of ensuring that any timber products included in a specification are sustainably sourced, with full traceability back to a managed forest. Yet, sadly, the same responsibility is rarely applied when it comes to the specification of plastic products. It’s time for architects and specifiers to place more emphasis on the origins of the plastic products in their...Read More
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LG’s ‘HVAC Virtual Experience’ Showcases Company’s Latest Solutions
LG Electronics is launching the LG HVAC Virtual Experience – a new, interactive online showroom that gives visitors the opportunity to browse and learn all about its extensive portfolio of HVAC solutions. Helping customers to make better decisions the intuitive, online space makes it possible to view LG’s latest solutions in a variety of virtual environments and discover the important benefits – greater comfort, improved indoor air quality...Read More
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Heat Mat - The Future of Heating
The UK Government is considering how the heating of our homes needs to change to enable us to meet our vital climate obligations. Around 15% of the UK’s CO2 emissions currently come from residential gas boilers, and there is no place for these in the low-carbon economy of the future. New-build properties with their extraordinarily high levels of insulation have a wide variety of low-carbon heating option...Read More
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Daikin Applied - Why is Indoor Air Quality in Schools Important?
In recent years, indoor air quality in schools has been receiving a lot of attention. Children spend a huge amount of their time indoors while at school. Environmental ventilation influences the level of indoor air pollution in schools, which is often of poor. In fact, poorly ventilated schools often present elevated CO2 levels. Moreover, there are many other pollutants such as bacteria, moulds, VOCs and PM. The concentration of these...Read More
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Complete Stair Systems - What is the Smallest Spiral Staircase Diameter?
A common request we hear from clients is ‘I would like the smallest, tightest spiral possible’. Obviously, people have restricted space and do not want the spiral to take up too much room. The trouble is that there is not a definitive answer to this. It is physically possible to manufacture a spiral to virtually any diameter but there are two fundamental aspects to consider, and these are the building regulations and usability...Read More
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