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Power Capacitors is “Power Quality Solutions”
The company has specialised in all aspects of Power Quality since 1973. Our experience is as diverse as our customer base which for over 45 years has always included large multi-national manufacturing, financial and utility companies as well as SMEs and private individuals. Whether you need a quick telephone consultation or a full set of surveys and specifications, we are always willing to make ourselves available to...Read More
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CMD - Setting Up an Ergonomic Desk at Home
An ergonomic home office can ensure you work comfortably and that your equipment supports your needs. It also prevents the risks of injuries, including back and neck ache, repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome and computer vision syndrome. You do not always have to spend a lot to create an ergonomic home office. It also does not have to be a separate room – a space in your lounge or kitchen with the correct equipment...Read More
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Heat Mat Underfloor Heating - Why Choose Heat Mat
By choosing to install a Heat Mat underfloor heating system you are ensuring that you fit a safe and high-quality product independently approved to the appropriate legislation. Our systems are designed to meet the unique demands of the UK market and currently our undertile heating mats and cables are the only electric underfloor heating system in the world to have achieved both full BEAB and Semko system approval. By fitting...Read More
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Refrion - Growing in the Name of Improvement: New Orders, New Employees...
Next year will mark our 20th anniversary. We are approaching this milestone with an ever-growing order book and turnover. In addition to our growing presence on the international market, the expansion of the Talmassons headquarters is also in the pipeline; a necessary step that will not only guarantee a safe and welcoming working environment for the whole team but will also strengthen our production capacity. That way, we can better...Read More
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Grundfos - Hospital M&E Health Matters
We are very aware that both hospitals and their staff, have been under considerable pressure in recent times. In fact, the whole of the NHS has not been out of the spotlight, because of the pivotal role they have been playing in fighting the pandemic, and rightly so. At Grundfos Pumps we have been proud to play our role in supporting many hospitals up and down the country and delivering a broad spectrum of pump demands for many...Read More
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Complete Stair Systems - The 100mm Gap Rule
In the UK there are many rules and regulations governing staircases and their design. These are in place to ensure safety standards and to inspire confidence to the user. One of these regulations relates to the gaps between steps on open staircases and any gaps between spindles. The regulation states that a 100mm sphere must not be able to pass through any opening in the guarding of the stair or between the steps. This is to prevent...Read More
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