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Grundfos - Get Your Pumps Kitted Out
Grundfos spare parts are high-quality components that enable you to optimise system performance and minimise downtime caused by unforeseen breakdowns. Grundfos pump parts are delivered as single elements, in kit form, or in bulk, depending on the requirement. It is a fact that original spare parts will prolong the lifetime of your pumps and systems. So, by creating a stocking profile and a buffer supply of essential spare parts...Read More
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SIG Design & Technology - 7 Flat Roofing Challenges for Main Contractors...
Main contractors face a number of flat roofing challenges. In this article we describe some of the common flat roofing challenges and how our holistic approach working with trusted manufacturers can help main contractors overcome them. 1. Inappropriate Specification One common issue with flat roofing is that products and systems are mis-specified, whether it be by an architectural practice or elsewhere in the design team. If the...Read More
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ABB Technology Enables UK Grid to Integrate More Renewable Energy
A combination of innovative digital substation protection and control solutions from ABB and 5G technologies will enable UK Power Networks to accept growing levels of renewable energy. A ground-breaking project by UK Power Networks with ABB as partner will increase the amount of renewable energy connected to the grid at medium-voltage substations. It will also support the UKs path to Net Zero by 2050, which...Read More
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DMS - Leak Detection Systems Everything You Need to Know
Leak detection systems monitor the water consumption and flow passing through the meter installed in the pipework. For those who are just starting out as installers and need a complete guide to what leak detection systems are, you have come to the right place! This is something we have spoken about many times before in many articles including here, here and here. But that is because the message is an important one and its...Read More
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Danfoss Ahead of the Game in Ensuring Product Conformity
Hard working colleagues in several business units within Danfoss have been working on a complex and huge co-ordination task to ensure that all relevant products sold in the UK now have the legally required importer contact details. This is a major milestone that was successfully reached before 1st January 2021. A second sprint is about to begin. A new mark, called UKCA, of minimum 5mm in height needs to be applied for...Read More
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Daikin Unveils the 4-Step Guide to Decarbonizing Our Homes
Daikin unveils the 4-step plan to transform residential heating and cooling for a greener Europe. The goal is to decrease CO2 emissions from residential buildings by raising the share of renewable heating and cooling systems to 40% by 2030. This is in line with the raised goal of cutting CO2 emissions from 40% to 55% by 2030, as signed in the European Climate Law on April 21. A key role for renewable heating systems The majority of...Read More
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