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Marshall-Tufflex - UK’s Leading Manufacturer of Cable Management Products
Based in Hastings, the company was established in 1942 and is recognised for quality, reliability and innovation. Our expertise is in extruding PVC with injection-moulding techniques that have been developed and nurtured in-house. Marshall-Tufflex has established a reputation within our markets for being in the vanguard of research and development. We recognise and support best practice and we deliver the highest standard of...Click to Watch
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Socomec - Data Center - Sustainability & Energy Efficiency
The exponential growth in data demand has seen a corresponding growth in data centers all around the world. As these energy-guzzling facilities mushroomed, the need to drive sustainability and higher energy efficiency become more urgent challenges. Socomec has the right expertise to help you find a balance between environment sustainability and supporting your business needs. Do you need to find out the real load...Click to Watch
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BRUGG Pipes - The Energy-Saving World Champion CALPEX PUR-KING for Local...
The thermal insulation value is a key criterion in the evaluation of pipes for composite thermal systems. The decisive factor here is the long-term perspective: well-insulated pipes have lower heat losses and significantly lower operating costs over the entire service life of the plant. The savings are enormous with the outstanding insulation achieved by CALPEX PUR-KING foaming. The reduction in energy consumption is not only...Read More
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Belimo - Smallest UM/UH Actuators
Zone applications in residential and commercial buildings, as well as ventilation systems for schools and residential buildings require small, reliable and cost-effective actuator solutions. Ventilation as required lowers energy costs, reduces CO2 emissions, and improves air quality and overall well-being. With the UM/UH actuator, Belimo has developed a solution that is one-of-a-kind worldwide. The HVAC actuators have an integrated...Read More
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Wieland Electric - From PLUG+PLAY to PLUG+GROW - The Fast Flexible, Safe...
The environment of a horticulture installation creates very specific requirements for lighting luminaires but all farms, whether it is green house or vertical farm, have the same three criteria. That is, a high IP rating, no opening of LED luminaires or HPS luminaires on site and ease of cleaning. Wieland Electric has the perfect solution for the installation of lighting in horticultural environments with a completely pluggable system with IP66...Read More
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Legrand - Arteor™ with Netatmo for Connected Living
In today’s world, digitalisation and networking are simplifying our lives and adding greater convenience. As technology transforms the way we work, communicate, travel and live, it also brings greater complexity, therefore Legrand has sought to make networked digital technology as easy as possible for designers, installers and users. The result is the Arteor™ with Netatmo solution, combining innovative Netatmo smart home technology with...Read More
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