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SOCOMEC - Mobile Energy Storage, A Single Container to Power Your...
Discover the new zero-emission mobile energy storage solution for temporary power supply. SUNSYS Mobile is an exclusivity on the market. Supply your events, construction sites or any other temporary loads. In a 10-foot ISO High Cube container, resistant to the most extreme environments and with a plug & play installation in 30 minutes, you will have a power of 200 kVA and 330 kWh. An effective solution to avoid the use...Click to Watch
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nVent NUHEAT Mat Installation - Explained in 60 Seconds
We show you how to install a nVent NUHEAT Mat with 8 easy steps. Watch this 60 second video now to learn how. Standard Mats are the thinnest and easiest to install. Only 1/8" thick and eliminating the need to configure the heating wires during installation. Standard Mats come in over 70 sizes of squares and rectangles of various dimensions. Simply pick the size of the mat(s) that fits the desired heating area. Because the...Click to Watch
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Construction Specialties - The Next Level of Innovation
What is next in modular and seismic solutions is here. Introducing CS Platform™ Solutions, a game-changing collection of steel seismic stair solutions and modular stairs, balconies, and awnings. We are taking building resiliency and efficient construction practices to the next level with durable solutions that are easy to specify, decrease construction schedules, and most importantly, enhance safety. DriftReady™ Stairs...Read More
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Samsung - Extends WindFree™ Wall-Mounted Range with PM1.0 Air...
Following the introduction of the new Air Purification Panels for light commercial and commercial spaces, Samsung now announces the WindFree™ Pure 1.0, a wall-mounted air conditioner for residential homes equipped with a PM1.0 filter. The WindFree™ Pure 1.0 features an electrostatic PM1.0 filter, which works as an air purifier, complemented by Samsung’s unique WindFree™ Cooling technology, Freeze Wash functionality...Read More
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C&B Systems Removable Drop-Down Rail
Designed to allow NHS and clients to create ambulant washrooms, ensuites, etc whilst being able to remove ligature points easily and quickly in these areas of high risk when not in use. All our removable rails are made from stainless steel and solid grade laminate which allows use within wet area and direct water contact. Stainless steel for use in wet or damp areas. Mild steel for use in dry areas. 35mm tubular construction for...Read More
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Atkore Revit Toolbar
The new Revit toolbar by Atkore allows contractors, BIM designers and more to access all Atkore’s product families without leaving the Revit software. There is no need to download individual files when all BIM families for Atkore and its brands are right at your fingertips! Download, install and launch the toolbar in Revit just once. After the initial launch, it will automatically be running in the background and can be accessed for use in any...Read More
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