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Systemair Technical Centre: The Journey of Quality Indoor Air Starts Here...
The Systemair Technical Centre is what makes our promise to provide quality indoor air possible. It serves as the home base of our experts dedicated to ensuring the superior performance of each product every step of the way, and it is also where the story of our state-of-the-art Topvex air handling units begins. Every Topvex unit has undergone rigorous testing by our team to guarantee that only the most efficient and reliable system...Click to Watch
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Zehnder Breeze: Invisibly Integrated, Draught-Free & Low-Noise
The Zehnder Breeze comfort air diffuser adds the air component to the comfortable and quiet effect of heated and chilled ceilings. The air diffuser, specially designed for use in metal ceiling systems, uses the Coanda effect to ensure a comfortable and draught-free room climate without disturbing noise. The Coanda effect is a physical phenomenon that occurs in various places in everyday life. Various experiments from physics lessons...Click to Watch
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Polyflor - Caribbeanís State-Of-The-Art Movie Theatre Complex Impresses Film...
Consisting of 10 high quality movie theatres and capacity to welcome 1,132 film lovers through its doors at any given point, The Movies at Gloria, based at the Grande Dame Gloria, is the Caribbeanís most esteemed cinema complex. Offering multiple restaurants, a public food court, a childrenís playground, six comfort class theatres, three VIP suites and one IMAX in 3D screen, the entertainment centre entices international tourists and...Read More
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SIG Design & Technology - Modular Rooflights for Flat Roofs: How to Specify
What are Modular Rooflights? Modular rooflights are designed for installation by roofing contractors and competent trades people. They are simple to install and come in standard sizes. Bespoke rooflights are available in a variety of sizes, tend to be more expensive and usually come with an installation service as they are more complex to install. If you need advice on bespoke rooflights for your project, or if you have any questions...Read More
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Profab Access - Donít Compromise on Aesthetics for Performance
The release of the Draft Building Safety Bill, alongside the formation of the new National Construction Products Regulator, is paving the way for a new standard of compliance that ensures safety consistently remains the top priority throughout each stage of the design, construction and maintenance processes. However, achieving these aims should not have to come at the expense of aesthetics. Here Mick Hill, Lead Technical...Read More
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C&B Systems Sensorflow 21 Compact Wall Spout
A range of compact water saving vandal resistant sensor operated hands-free electronic panel mounted basin spouts for use where there is demand for hygiene and water saving. Sensorflow 21 compact 230mm (A4849AA) panel mounted spout with integral sensor, 3.7 litre per minute aerated spray outlet, combined inline servicing valve and filter. Designed to be supplied with pre-mixed water. Consideration should be given to safe...Read More
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