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Atkore - Cope Eagle Basket Wire Tray Cable Management - Quick Latch Video
The Quick Latch™ splicing system makes connecting wire basket tray fast and simple, saving technicians up to 40% of installation time. The Quick Latch™, or self-splicing bars which come pre-installed on wire basket tray systems, eliminates the need for a typical nut and bolt type connection. The standard finish is electro-plated zinc galvanised which is most suitable for indoor applications or mild outdoor environments...Click to Watch
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Mitsubishi Electric - Georgina Burnett chooses an Ecodan from Mitsubishi Electric
We had the pleasure of helping Georgina Burnett find the perfect Ecodan system for her self-build home! She decided on the QUHZ air source heat pump which is now providing heating and hot water throughout the new property. The Ecodan QUHZ is our latest air to water heat pump system and is the ideal solution for new build where strict building regulations drive down the space heating demand, making the production...Click to Watch
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Siemens BP - Desigo Optic Open Building Management Software
Improve data access and visibility for better real-time decision making. Desigo Optic is a simple, powerful and scalable software solution for visualising and controlling building automation systems. Powered by FIN Framework, Desigo Optic redefines what an open platform should be by applying Haystack native semantic tagging for seamless data harmonisation and quick access to critical building information – streamlining workflows by...Read More
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Samsung Whitepaper: The Indoor Climate Solution of Tomorrow for the Retail Sector
Stiff competition in the retail sector is encouraging retailers to explore new ways to enhance in-store experience for customers. Research shows that consumers’ buying behaviour can be influenced by their physiological responses to a store’s ambiance. Retailers are therefore on the lookout for products and fixtures that can add to the aesthetic appeal of stores and go a step beyond in making customers feel more comfortable while making...Read More
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ABB - I see DC Summit 2021
Direct Current. Your next energy. Be ready for the new edition of ABB I see DC summit to discuss with our experts the latest trends and the continuing evolution of direct current systems in applications such as marine, data center and microgrid to name a few. Join us on May 18, 19 and 20 to continue a virtual journey in the Direct Current world. The sessions will feature presentation of ABB’s products and solutions, including a live chat and...Read More
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Burland’s BOXEDoffice - Plug, Play, Put Away!
BOXEDoffice is everything you need in one place to enable convenient homeworking. To help overcome some of the issues associated with homeworking, Burland has developed BOXEDoffice. Being able to differentiate between work and home is very important when it comes to your wellbeing, and BOXEDoffice goes a long way to helping compartmentalise the two environments. It can be set up or packed away in seconds, returning...Read More
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