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BILCO Floor Doors Help Colorado Community Solve Water Challenges
Brighton, Colorado’s new $5.4 million water augmentation station helps assure water is available to communities along the South Platte River. The station includes wet wells that are accessed by floor doors manufactured by the BILCO Company. Check it out! Floor access doors provide reliable access to equipment stored underground or below/between building floors. Models include drainage doors, non-drainage doors...Click to Watch
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Wieland Electric - RST® MICRO - The Miniature Connector
The RST®MICRO is optimised for the interfaces between voltage or current sources and LED modules and is also the ideal solution for dimming or DMX applications. Thanks to its rated values, network applications are no problem either. The RST®MICRO installation system comprises connectors, M14 device connectors, pre-assembled conductors and splitters. At a glance: • 2-pole to 3-pole • 250V/400V, 8A...Read More
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Dunham-Bush Microchannel Heat Exchangers
Dunham-Bush first introduced the microchannel heat exchanger into ACHX-B models. Since then, microchannel condenser is available in all newer generation of ACHX series. Microchannel is an all-aluminium coil made from multiple flat tubes containing small channels (microchannel) metallurgically brazed with louvered fin. This compact all-aluminium construction not only minimises galvanic corrosion but also reduce the units’ weight...Read More
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Breathing Buildings NVHR+ Heater Unit
Breathing Buildings NVHR+ is our answer for room pre-heating with enhanced control over the temperature of the air being delivered to a space during its occupancy. Typically, these can be incorporated into a small office space with less than 10 occupants as a single unit, or multiple units in large office spaces and for standard classrooms, an NVHR+ pair can be used. Our low energy heating and mixed ventilation system takes...Read More
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Samsung - New Smart Energy System
A new smart system for controlling the use of electric heating and household appliances has the potential to save consumers £160 a year on bills. The system, which is still in the research phase, would allow people to take advantage of complex energy tariff structures by automating their use of electrical appliances and electric heat pumps to shift electricity usage to periods of low grid demand, when tariffs are cheaper. A two-year trial of...Read More
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DMS - Meter Compliance Unit
It is a legal requirement to undertake a metering cost effectiveness assessment for most existing buildings to comply with the governments metering and billing regulations 2020. Some clients are choosing to install an Energy Meter and others are using the cost effectiveness tool to check compliance. Either way, we have the product that meets your requirements. This neat and compact brass bodied assembly has...Read More
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