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Daikin - VRV 5 S Series Benefits & Features Explained
Designed for the future, our VRV 5 heat pumps easily cover your comfort expectations for your home! They are easy to handle and quick install, with maximum flexibility to cover every room in your building and they are easy to transport, even in city centres, and offer great design flexibility. Since the launch of Ururu Sarara in 2013, the world’s first air conditioner to use R-32 refrigerant, we have worked to convert our portfolio to...Click to Watch
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Zehnder - Better Performance While Working from Home
Are you sure that your office at home is a great place to work? Having a regulated and fresh indoor climate increases performance, concentration and health – and gives you the atmosphere to rock your house. The climate and air quality that prevail in enclosed spaces have an enormous impact on how we feel. If the air is fresh, our minds are too. Oxygen-rich indoor air at a well-balanced temperature improves our concentration and our...Click to Watch
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Halton - Connect IoT Platform Enables Round-The-Clock Remote Monitoring...
Halton Connect is Halton’s IoT (Internet of Things) platform which uses an advanced and easy-to-use cloud-based portal as its core, enabled with a build-in 4G gateway. Halton Connect enables round-the-clock remote monitoring for Halton kitchen ventilation solutions, allowing access to useful information and data analytics for end-users and Halton IoT team. All information provided by Halton Connect is accessible through a web-based...Read More
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Unitrunk - Making Up for Lost Time
Unitrunk’s latest product innovation, the trunking to channel bracket, is yet another addition the company’s ever-growing range of products which have been designed specifically to reduce installation times and save on project labour costs, which is beneficial at any time but especially so after the year we've all just experienced. The Innovation team at Unitrunk tasked themselves with designing an alternative method of attaching trunking...Read More
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Systemair - The New Generation for Air Curtains
Like mountains, air curtains also separate different climate zones. The air stream creates an invisible door that prevents the air from different areas to blend, an energy efficient solution regardless of whether you want to maintain a heated or cooled indoor climate. Now, we are proud to present our new generation of air curtains - Pamir. Pamir air curtains have a sleek and elaborate design providing optimal curtain effect regardless of...Read More
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Güntner’s New CUBIC Vario with Integrated UV-C Destroys Bacteria & Viruses
The success of your business depends on the health of your employees. Just one of them falling ill can disrupt productivity and output to your customers. So, it is important to protect your people from airborne germs. Güntner is committed to helping you make your workplace safer and healthier with our cooling solutions – especially with the new CUBIC Vario with integrated UV-C lighting. UV-C is a short-wave ultraviolet...Read More
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