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Frenger Systems - Carbon Net-Zero Building Webinar Booking
Frenger Systems are presenting a new Carbon Net-Zero Building webinar looking into how feasible it is to transition into Net-Zero Carbon building practices and how it will reduce carbon to help achieve worldwide sustainability goals. Frenger will also discuss the governments commitment to Net-Zero carbon building by 2030 and how all existing building must be Net-Zero operational by 2050. Find out how building design...Click to Watch
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Grundfos - A Pump - A Deep Dive into the World of Grundfos
Every day our energy efficient pumps help to provide solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improve the quality of life for people. They deliver and provide comfort, drinking water and remove wastewater. They help farmers water crops all over the world and much more. We set the standards within our area of expertise and keep raising the bar. Since 1945 we have honed our skills, working tirelessly to improve water and energy...Read More
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BRUGG Pipes - The FLEXWELL District Heating Cable
The FLEXWELL district heating cable (DHC) is a double-walled, flexible, self-compensating steel casing pipe system. It is continuous and has a monitoring option for use in networks with high temperatures and operating pressures. Operating temperature: -170°C to +150°C Operating pressure: 16/25 bar Dimensions: DN 25–150 Carrier pipe: Stainless steel Exterior pipe: Stainless steel Insulation: Polyurethane (PUR) Laid using the...Read More
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Titon Sponsors the Virtual CIBSE Technical Symposium
We are excited to announce that Titon is the Virtual Sponsor for the virtual CIBSE Technical Symposium on 13-14 July 2021. The CIBSE Technical Symposium is an annual event and encourages the participation of both young and experienced industry practitioners, researchers and building users to share experiences and develop networks. The theme for this year is Engineering the built environment for a new ‘normal’...Read More
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C&B Systems - Airblast Black Hand Dryer
The Airblast is a high powered, fast drying, innovative “hands under” dryer. It has an internal switch that enables a choice of cool air at 550W or warm air at 1400W. Please take note of the finish to this unit. Drying time is approximately 10 to 12 seconds and it is ideal for retrofit as the larger body covers any screw holes. Touch free operation with blue down light when in use. Airblast, black steel 550W-1400W - 201.0000.143 (F1391)...Read More
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Munters SyCool® Split
Munters SyCool® Split provides an efficient cooling solution for new and retrofit installations where access to a suitable water supply may be limited, expensive or unreliable. The system is available in 400 kW blocks of cooling capacity. Thermosyphon heat exchangers move heat from the data center to ambient through the evaporation of liquid refrigerant in the SyCool® CRAH and condensing of the same refrigerant in the SyCool® condenser...Read More
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