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BRUGG Pipes - CALPEX PUR-KING vs. PE-insulation - Battle of Efficiency
The CALPEX PUR-KING is a patented flexible, continuous and self-compensating low-temperature pipe system boasting the world’s best lambda value of 0.0199 W/m*K. This exceptionally low value is proved and confirmed on an annual basis by an accredited test institute. This record-breaking figure has made it possible to beat the what were previously thought to be the lowest physical thermoconductivity values for polyurethane...Click to Watch
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Piller - POWERBRIDGE™ Rotor with Flywheel
Piller Powerbridge Rotor Piller offers a kinetic energy storage option which gives the designer the chance to save space and maximise power density per unit. With a POWERBRIDGE™, stored energy levels are certain and there is no environmental disposal issue to manage in the future. Importantly, a POWERBRIDGE™ will absorb energy at the same rate as it can dissipate. That means the POWERBRIDGE™ can stabilise a diesel engine and that frequency...Click to Watch
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Munters Launches EC Cool – A Cost Effective Evaporative Pre-cooling...
Operators of roof top condensers are familiar with the stress caused by the summer period, with peak temperatures pushing the condensers to their limit. Munters EC Cool efficiently decreases the inlet temperature of the rooftop condenser, increasing cooling capacity and preventing unplanned breakdowns caused by high pressure alarms.  Air-cooled refrigeration units are the typical form of heat rejection system installed ...Read More
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Roxtec - Cable Seal Manufacturer Appoints New Marine & Offshore Manager
Pipe and cable safety seal manufacturer Roxtec UK has moved to increase its presence in Britain’s maritime sector with the appointment of a new marine and offshore manager. Mark Whelan joins the Swedish-owned company having spent 10 years at another international manufacturer, most recently as a project manager for naval and commercial shipbuilding sector contracts. At Roxtec, Mr Whelan will have responsibility...Read More
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Servaclean - Safely Serve Your Valued Customers & Re-open
Servaclean, FoldaBar Did you know you can abide by social distancing rules with the help of our mobile FOLDABar and MOVERBar units, allowing you to re-open when the government announces? Our FOLDABar and MOVERBar units are quick and easy to move around and can be positioned in any room, especially outside, so you can maximise and control your spaces and people effectively. FOLDABar is a stainless steel portable bar/pop-up counter which...Read More
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