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Pilkington - Solar Installation to Power NSG Group’s Technical Centre Featured Video
NSG Group and Lightsource BP officially opened the new 2.29MWp solar installation on 4 July. The project, which is fully funded by Lightsource BP, is hard-wired into the private electricity network of NSG Group’s European Technical Centre in Lathom, UK. It is anticipated to provide around 30 per cent of the site’s annual electricity demand and reduce carbon emissions by 848 tonnes per year. The project is especially significant...Click to Watch
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Siemens Presents a Demonstration of our ASA Fire Technology Featured Video
Did you know false fire alarms cost the UK economy an estimated £1billion per year? Watch the demonstration of ASA fire technology vs standard optical detectors. ASA technology reduces false fire alarms from common culprits such as steam and aerosols. Where there’s smoke, there isn’t always fire! False fire alarms are a major problem in building security and involve high costs. Siemens can solve this problem with state-of-the-art technology...Click to Watch
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Advanced Air - CPD Seminar Course Information
A presentation to highlight the need to specify the correct and latest European legislation and regard to Fire and Fire/Smoke Dampers. The 1hr seminar will also cover the Construction Products Regulation, the latest testing requirements, the installation responsibilities and explanation of how these related to the CE Marking of the product. Energy Efficient Fan Coil Units using ECM Motor Technology - This seminar provides guidance...Read More
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AET Flexible Space - Join AET Flexible Space on their CPD Journey
AET have supplied Underfloor Air Conditioning both in the UK and worldwide for over twenty years and are the leading authority on this unique air conditioning concept which uses the plenum beneath a raised access floor as the ventilation zone. By using the plenum in this way, ductwork is minimal and in some cases completely eliminated as the underfloor void can be used as the supply air path; or, if segregated using air tight baffle...Read More
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Danfoss Heating - CPD Training & Seminars
Danfoss have created a range of seminars, designed for mechanical engineers, to explain the new technologies, key questions and challenging applications, raised in the design and installation of hydronic heating and cooling systems. The seminars are designed to be delivered within one hour, at the premises of designers, contractors and other relevant industry partners. They are delivered by our Business Development Managers...Read More
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RCM Products - Air Distribution CPD Seminar - Grilles & Diffusers Selections
The success of a good heating, ventilation or air conditioning system largely depends on room air distribution itself. Grilles and Diffusers play a vital role in both the performance and aesthetics of any air distribution system in all buildings. The key topics covered in the seminar: • Definition of terms • Importance of good air distribution • Air terminal devices • Selection criteria • Border & fixings. Target Audience: Specifying Consultants...Read More
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Bilco UK - Safe Access All Areas CPD
The CPD seminar ‘Safe Access All Areas’ outlines current practice in the provision of smoke ventilation and roof access, discusses new design considerations and applications as a result of the latest Building Regulations with particular reference to the areas of fire, safety and security. The CPD seminar includes best practice guidance for installation of roof hatches and natural smoke vents and demonstrates how new principles...Read More
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Aquilar - Leak Detection Solutions, For Today’s Buildings
Aquilar Leak Detection gains CIBSE CPD accreditation ‘For Leak Detection Solutions, For today’s buildings’. The presentation focuses on Leak Detection solutions for liquid leak detection, typically for water and fuels used within commercial buildings. The topics covered are:- What is Leak Detection? • Why do we need leak detection? • Where can a water leak come from? • Consequences of not using leak detection • Design considerations...Read More
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CPD Accredited Training Seminars
BuildingDesign Media’s “CPD Accredited Seminars” Library continues to expand. The CPD Library provides details of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Seminars, Training Courses and Lunch ‘n’ Learn seminars from some of the prominent companies in the construction industry. A full range of CPD Seminars can be found via the CPD Seminars Library on BuildingDesign. The CPD seminars are informative and...Read More
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