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ABB Emergency Lighting - EMEX Power Overview 2018 Featured Video
Learn more about our renowned BS Kite mark approved EMEX central power supply systems and the importance of installing backup power for your buildings safety systems. The EMEX110 range is available where the user preference is an AC/DC system powering slave luminaires fitted with compatible inverter modules. The range is suitable for medium to large premises, including schools, supermarkets and other...Click to Watch
Roxtec Launches New Knock-out Sleeve for Construction Sector Featured Video
Roxtec has designed a new knock-out sleeve for onsite construction projects and pre-fabricated kiosks and shelters. The new product retains elements of Roxtec’s existing sleeve design with innovative new features. The sleeves are now available and adaptable to varying wall thicknesses and can easily be connected into space efficient clusters. The Roxtec knock-out sleeve forms an efficient water barrier and is frequently used to seal...Click to Watch
Unitrunk Secures CIBSE Approval for Materials Selection CPD
Cable management specialist, Unitrunk, has secured CIBSE approval for its recently launched CPD presentation, which focuses on the importance of material selection in ensuring a cable management infrastructure that answers performance, service life and cost criteria. Entitled ‘Understanding the Materials Selection Process’, the CIBSE accredited presentation is the latest in a series of CPDs from Unitrunk, reiterating the company’s...Read More
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DMS - Sontex Heat Meter Training
Since our free Lunch ‘n’ Learn scheme started in 2013 we have provided a wealth of knowledge on the installation and key features of our range of metering and AMR Solutions to a vast array of people from Mechanical Design Engineers and company Directors to Renewable Energy Installers across the UK. Training sessions start at 10am and finish at around 2pm, the training sessions are conducted by Chris Bishop, Technical...Read More
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EVDS - Lunch Time Seminars
Within the last month, EVDS have been busy providing “lunch and learn” seminars in the offices of key public health design companies. Such companies to recently benefit are; WSP, Norman Disney Young, Cundall, Chapman BDSP & Applied Energy. Using animation files, we are able to demonstrate the function of a vacuum drainage system within your own offices. Would you like a technical seminar on the Evac system at your offices?...Read More
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Schneider Electric - CPD Certified Training
We offer a range of training to support your continuing professional development (CPD), either online or through lunch and learn sessions within your UK premises. Please review the lunch and learn courses and if a particular course you are interested in is not in this list please advise and we will confirm whether we have something in development or not. A guide to selecting right meter for your application - It starts with why we need meters/metering...Read More
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Honeywell Gent - Martyn Keenan Focuses on Fire Safety within the NHS...
Martyn Keenan, Business Manager for the North West presented the CPD ‘Breaking the Code’ at the Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary. This CPD focuses on fire Safety within NHS healthcare premises. This seminar provides guidance on the design and installation of new fire detection and alarm systems for NHS healthcare premises. It highlights the requirements that are detailed in the NHS Firecode HTM 05-02 in addition to those...Read More
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Glazing Vision - Approved Document Q: Security in Dwellings
This RIBA approved CPD seminar is designed to give you an understanding of how the specification of rooflights has been affected by recent changes to the Building Regulations with the introduction of Approved Document Q: Security In Dwellings - The CPD seminar covers the following aspects: What is an Approved Document? What is Approved Document Q? Factors that will affect the specification of rooflights...Read More
CPD Accredited Technical Seminars
We offer an extensive range of easily accessible accredited CPD seminars, Training Courses and Lunch ‘n’ Learn seminars to equip you with the relevant training and technical skills to further your career and meet your CPD requirements. Our CPD seminars, training courses and Lunch ‘n’ Learn seminars are approved by CIBSE and RIBA and can be found on the CPD Seminars library on BuildingDesign. Companies providing CPDs...Read More
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