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Vertiv - IS Parklands Prefabricated Data Centre Featured Video
Watch the video to find out how IS Parklands (South Africa) is now benefitting from a Tier III prefabricated data centre, that delivers industry leading performance and power density. Moreover, discover how these unmatched performance and efficiency levels are achieved in this modular critical infrastructure, through the Vertiv Knurr server racks, MPE power distribution units and a fully redundant online UPS system. If you’d like to know...Click to Watch
Mitsubishi Electric - George Clarke Explains Ecodan Heat Pumps Featured Video
Air source heat pumps are going to be at the heart of the nation’s sustainable future, so George Clarke explores the technology. Ok, be honest. Do you know what an air source heat pump is and how it works? No? Well, Im not surprised because very few people do. I didn’t really understand the technology myself until a few years ago. At the moment heat pump sales per year in the UK are in their tens of thousands. Compare that to...Click to Watch
Trend Control Systems - Drilling Down
Trend’s new suite of reporting services help building owners and managers get the best return on investment from their BEMS, while protecting against unforeseen downtime and cyber security risks. In order to provide end users with a greater insight into the status of assets within a building, these reports are designed to help analyse and understand the data gathered by a BEMS, by presenting information in a simple format...Read More
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Legrand Unveils Next-Generation Home Automation System
Legrand UK & Ireland has unveiled MyHOME_Up - the latest generation of its simple-to-use home automation system - which now benefits from app connectivity; making it even easier for housebuilders to integrate smart home technology into new-build developments. MyHOME_Up drastically simplifies home automation for developers. Using Legrand’s connected devices programme, Eliot, MyHOME_Up integrates all essential services...Read More
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Unistrut - The Future Is Modular
Modular installation techniques are becoming ever more present in the UK’s construction and electrical installation industry, with many new projects benefitting greatly from its utilisation. Modular construction is playing an increasingly important role in an industry that continues to explore new construction methods that will speed up, enhance and reduce the cost of building processes. As a result, the uptake on modular construction techniques...Read More
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Carlo Gavazzi - A Powerful New Solution for Data Collection...
Carlo Gavazzi’s UWP is an all new universal web platform designed for monitoring and control in Building and or Energy Management systems. Applications such as lighting control with the latest DALI standard gateway (featuring tunable white light), HVAC control and a powerful energy management platform are all included. The customisable built in webserver provides the opportunity to display data, build charts, set alarms...Read More
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Ecodek - DekGlo Low Maintenance Ambient Lighting
At Ecodek, we want our customers to have an option to add unique look to their already gorgeous decking, that’s why quite recently we have launched a new product DekGlo®. DekGlo® is a long lasting, ambient garden lighting, which doesn’t require any wiring, batteries or screws. Technology used to make DekGlo® allows it to simply glow in the dark, and all it’s needed to charge it, is the natural sunlight. Huge benefit of DekGlo®, is the...Read More
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ABB to Revolutionise Cable Protection with Smart Devices
Using ABB Ability™, smart sensors will remotely report potential problems such as condensation and temperature fluctuations before expensive failures occur. The new first-of-its-kind Cable Protection System smart sensor technology, currently under development in ABB’s Research & Development facility in Switzerland, will be designed to sense such problems as condensation or rising temperatures in the conduit...Read More
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