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Mitsubishi Electric - e-Series Modular Chiller Installation for ASDA Featured Video
ASDA House in Leeds is now able to deliver energy-efficient cooling to employees in the company’s head office thanks to the installation of ten Mitsubishi Electric e-Series modular chillers. ASDA’s three-story head office operates as the central hub for the company and houses a number of functions, including office and meeting spaces, cafeterias as well as customer support teams - as such it needed a versatile cooling system to deliver...Click to Watch
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Honeywell Gent - Introducing SAFE Featured Video
The SAFE system is a fully engineered solution for buildings, allowing you to bridge the gap between residential and landlord’s fire alarm systems in High Risk Residential Buildings (HRRBs). We have designed a system that allows you to have a BS5839 Part 6 system work in conjunction with a full BS5839 Part 1 system without any compromise. The SAFE System is the most effective and flexible way of minimising false evacuations...Click to Watch
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Carlo Gavazzi - SBBADT8CCT DALI Ballast for Standard & Tunable White LEDs
Carlo Gavazzi have launched the SBBADT8CCT DALI driver for standard and tunable white LEDs to control warm white and cool white output via a single DALI address providing high power factor and energy efficiency. The output current level can be easily selected via DIP switches from 250mA to 1500mA whilst the 2 constant current output levels have a total output of up to 50W and encompasses a Class II power supply which...Read More
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Uniflair - Fast Track CRACs
A range of Uniflair Close Control Air Conditioning units are now available on express delivery with lead times of less than one month. Components are being stocked at the factory to facilitate expatiated deliveries on a variety of air-cooled DX, inverter compressor DX and chilled water units up to 50kW in both downflow and upflow configurations. A rapid lead time on built-to-order Precision Air Conditioning Equipment can...Read More
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Schneider Electric - Reengineers Ringmaster RN2d
Schneider Electric, the leader in energy management and automation, has redeveloped its Ringmaster RN2d, the market leading ring main unit (RMU) to be more customisable and to bring enhanced digitisation and connectivity to the distributed electrical network. The improved RN2d has been built for indoor and outdoor use with reliability, safety, longevity and smart integration in mind. The new design offers greater flexibility with...Read More
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Zip-Clip Joins the Women in Aviation & Aerospace Charter
Our products are widely installed in the UK and Internationally in aerospace infrastructures such as aircraft hangers and engine manufacturers including Rolls Royce, Manchester Airport, Dublin Airport, Biggin Hill Aircraft Hanger and Gatwick Maintenance Hanger. Zip-Clip products can also be seen used for the installation of HVAC, lighting and signage systems on many domestic and international airport terminals...Read More
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Crabtree - The Benefits of Loadstar Stack Up
Making stacked MCB distribution boards easier, safer and faster to install and take readings from, Crabtree, part of the family of brands at Electrium, is introducing new 125A vertical stack lighting and power MCB distribution boards. To assist designers and installers with the requirements of part L2, Crabtree now offers a compliant, preassembled solution with a fully rated 125A top distribution board. The Crabtree Loadstar Vertical Stack...Read More
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DMS - Making Light Work of Heat Metering - Here is Our Lightest Heat Meter Yet
The 789 MID and RHI approved SuperStatic heat meter is our lightest heat meter yet, while retaining Sontex high accuracy standards! The SS789 heating and cooling meter boasts plenty of reasons to choose it for your application, including a composite body, battery power and remote reading capability. This meter is ideal for domestic and smaller commercial installation, where the space may be tight or awkward to get to and main power...Read More
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