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Wienerberger Bolsters its Communications Strategy Featured Video
Wienerberger, the UK’s leading supplier of roof, wall and paving solutions, has unveiled a new brand campaign video as an added asset to its communications strategy. Aiming to forge meaningful connections with the entire construction supply chain, the new video visually represents the company’s overall mission and values. Focusing on the ethos of Wienerberger working to positively impact people’s lives, the video...Click to Watch
DMS - Ensuring Safety in the most Hazardous of Areas Featured Video
The Dresser Chatterbox-e Isolation Unit is a vital piece of equipment for plantrooms with a high risk environment. The Chatterbox uses Opto-isolators to provide 4 isolated volt-free contacts from low frequency pulses generated by gas meters or volume correctors installed in a hazardous area as standard. The Chatterbox can be installed without the use of mains power, promising a 10 year battery life from just standard cells...Click to Watch
Samsung Unveils New Wind Free™ Air Conditioners & a 3pipe Mini VRF
Samsung, a world leader in climate solutions, has launched an extended range of Wind-Free™ products and a new 3pipe Mini VRF in the UK and Ireland. The Wind-Free™ technology is one of Samsung’s most outstanding innovations and is now featured on 4 way and 1 way cassettes. After reaching the desired temperature in normal Cooling mode, the Wind-Free™ cassettes then maintain the ideal temperature without any direct air flow...Read More
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Aquilar - AquiNet
The AquiNet Fieldbus Network System is a complete solution for monitoring large numbers of multiple sensing devices via a single touch screen interface, on a simple two-wire bus network. Applications Central monitoring of multiple refrigerant gas sensors (AT-G-ALERT) can be achieved by fitting a zone module (AT-ZCM) to one of the volt free contacts. Each sensor is then connected, using the open topology wiring configuration...Read More
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Monodraught CHAS Accreditation Renewed till 2019
We are proud of our history of developing products from Research and Development right through to installation and maintenance all right here in the UK, where possible using suppliers local to our head office base in High Wycombe. One of our key benefits is our commitment to offer a cradle to grave approach from design through to installation and as such we continue to invest in our staff and processes. Health and Safety is a vital part of the...Read More
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Socomec - Disruptive Technology - Fit for the Digital Industrial Revolution
The latest development from Socomec combines proven Masterys UPS technology with intelligent tech to deliver unsurpassed performance in terms of reliability and service level. The fourth generation Masterys UPS is Socomec’s smartest UPS yet, bringing together the world of secure power with the digital revolution in order to help simplify UPS installations and improve performance levels. Olivier Tremouille Business Application...Read More
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Carrier Introduces AquaForce® 30XB Chiller
Carrier announces the launch of its new AquaForce® 30XB and 30XBP chillers the next evolution of the proven 30XA range that counts thousands of installations worldwide. The new range of fixed-speed screw air-cooled chillers, covering cooling capacities from 250 kW up to 1700 kW, is available in three levels of efficiency to perfectly match each customer application and meet the new European Ecodesign regulation requirements...Read More
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Trend takes Flexibility & Functionality to the Next Level with IQ®4 B-BC Compliance
Trend Control Systems, a leading international manufacturer and supplier of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), has announced that its pioneering range of IQ®4 controllers - including the IQ®41x, IQ®422, IQ®4E, IQ®4NC devices - now comes with full BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) compliance. This development is part of the company’s determination to reinforce its position as a provider of non-proprietary...Read More
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