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Munters - How to Cut Energy Consumption in Existing Dehumidifiers Featured Video
How to cut the energy consumption for reactivation in your dehumidifier by up to 30%. Since the majority of the energy required for the desiccant process is used in heating the reactivation airstream, significant energy savings are achieved by recovering the energy in the reactivation cycle. Internal energy recovery systems for the rotor reactivation process can be installed retrofit in a wide range of bigger dehumidifiers (e.g. MX, MA...Click to Watch
EVDS - All Gravity Toilets Now Evac Compatible Featured Video
Evac are proud to present their new revolutionary Evac VacuConvert wall-mounting frame that enables connection of gravity toilets to our vacuum collection system. The Evac VacuConvert is compatible with a wide range of standard gravity toilet models and broadens the options for architects and interior designers to use a wider selection of toilet models. It has low water consumption, a small foot print and reliable operation. The Evac VacuConvert...Click to Watch
Condair - New Outdoor Steam Humidifiers
Leading humidification specialist, Condair, has extended its range of electric steam humidifiers to include new IP55 rated models suitable for outdoor installation. The robust enclosures on the Condair RS resistive steam and Condair EL electrode boiler steam humidifiers enable the units to be located on rooftops and exposed to the elements. Rather than simply installing the standard humidifiers inside a protective housing on a...Read More
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Contactum Introduces MADE IN UK Moulded Wiring Accessories, Mayfair
With a pedigree in manufacturing British quality wiring accessories and circuit protection products, Contactum are delighted to announce its newest MADE IN UK moulded wiring accessories, MAYFAIR. This new range of screwless wiring accessories not only adds to Contactum’s extensive portfolio of over 6000 products, but also reinforces our commitment to manufacturing in the UK, where Contactum has been a proud British...Read More
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Monodraught - Exciting Royal Visit to Grant Queen’s Award for Monodraught
His Royal Highness, the Duke of Kent has awarded local business Monodraught Ltd with the Queen’s Award for Innovation. The award was granted for our Cool-phase hybrid cooling solution. He was accompanied by several other local dignitaries, including the High Sherriff of Buckinghamshire, the Chair of Wycombe District Council, the Chair of Buckinghamshire County Council and the Mayor of High Wycombe. There can be a high...Read More
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nVent Launches a New Self-Regulating Heating Cable nVent Raychem BSA
The new BSA self-regulating heating cable is designed for freeze protection and temperature maintenance applications up to 65°C, with maximum exposure of 85°C. It is the perfect alternative to our well-known BTV heating cable, when working in industrial non-hazardous locations with mild inorganic exposure. It is super flexible, easy to install, and extremely reliable in operation. The BSA heating system includes a new set of industrial...Read More
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Breathing Buildings’ NVHR® Wins Prestigious Energy Award
Breathing Buildings, the UK’s leading provider of controlled hybrid ventilation systems, is delighted to announce that it has won a prestigious Energy Award. Recognising the vital importance of good indoor air quality and thermal comfort in schools, the Cambridge-based company’s new energy efficient NVHR® (Natural Ventilation with Heat Recycling) hybrid ventilation system has been named as the winner of ‘Energy Efficient Product...Read More
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LG Introduces New Cutting Edge ACP 5 Controller
The rollout of LG Electronics’ (LG’s) newest central controller, the ACP 5, is kicking off in key markets throughout Europe including the UK. A fifth-generation control solution, the ACP 5 incorporates a number of upgrades that respond directly to users’ feedback. With LG’s innovative technologies onboard, the model boasts an exceptionally smart management system, expanded capabilities and features designed to increase operational...Read More
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